Our Mission

The mission of the South Whidbey Parks and Aquatics Foundation is to make parks and aquatics activities accessible to ALL residents of the South Whidbey community by raising money to fund capital expenses, operating endowments and scholarships as well as supporting new and existing parks and aquatics programs. 

Our Vision

We envision a healthy and thriving community where residents of all ages and economic circumstances have access to recreation and fitness.

Our Purpose

Foundation Board

Rich Bacigalupi

Rich has been an avid swimmer since joining the Highland Vista 8 & Under Swim Team in 1976 in Tucson, Arizona. He took on facility, pool, lifeguard and operations management in his late teens and worked with other neighborhood families to finance and restore the entire aquatic facility. After high school swim team, Rich led a career in marketing and finance around the world. He and his family have lived on South Whidbey Island since 2002. Rich swims with South Whidbey Island Masters and hopes to help bring aquatic activities to all in our community.

Shaun Bell

Shaun supports the SWPAF as the technology liaison, managing the website and assisting with the varying technological tools used by the foundation, including those used by the Whidbey Adventure Swim. Although not a swimmer, Shaun actively supports our regional maritime interests as he is an oceanographer with NOAA working predominantly in Coastal Alaskan waters. His meteorological background enables him to help local swimmers determine when it’s safe to go in the water.

Margaret Delp

Margaret is an attorney in private practice who moved to Whidbey Island with her family in 2003. She loves swimming in lakes, pools, and more recently, in open water along Whidbey Island's shore. She learned to swim as a child through her public school's P.E. program. She hopes that by building a public aquatics center, we can bring that same opportunity to South Whidbey's kids, as well as providing a place for year-round, life-long aquatics fun and exercise for all ages.

Teresa Forsyth

Teresa Wiley Forsyth has lived on South Whidbey Island for 20 years, and is an avid open water swimmer. She is the race director for the Whidbey Adventure Swim, and is passionate about making aquatics activities accessible to all south end residents, regardless of their age, abilities, or financial means.

Karen Lennon

Karen moved to Whidbey in 1992 and is a strong advocate for building community on all levels. She has over thirty years experience as a biologist in natural resources and has led innovative, community-scaled projects and programs with significant experience in master planning, partnership and grant development. She has also worked locally with South Whidbey School District as a Youth Support Specialist to expand community and educational resources for at-risk students. Karen and her husband owned and operated a wild seafood market for many years called “The Fishmonger” that provided a venue to spotlight product from local fishermen while strengthening community connection to our marine environment. It is no surprise that Karen is a staunch supporter of a public pool for South Whidbey. She sees it as a necessary element of a vibrant community that honors access for all.

Brenda Lovie

Vice President

Brenda is a retired figure skating professional who moved to Whidbey in 2012. She is a personal trainer and also competes in triathlons. She believes everyone living on an island should know how to swim and is a strong supporter of a public swimming facility which provides affordable access to all.

Sandi Lusk


Sandi is a retired high tech industry finance manager, and recently relocated to her native Washington from Oregon. She learned to swim as a child in a community pool and have continued swimming off and on her entire life. She believes everyone, young and old, should have the opportunity to affordably learn to swim, continue to swim or otherwise engage in water-based activities. She is strongly committed to being a part of bringing this pool to South Whidbey.

Ray McFarland

Ray is a life-long swimmer who moved to Whidbey Island in 2020 after a career as a criminal defense attorney in Seattle. He took up open water swimming shortly after moving to the island and became very interested in helping bring a year-round indoor aquatics facility to South Whidbey that could be enjoyed by everyone of all ages and backgrounds.

Jackson Murphy

Jackson is a senior at South Whidbey High School. He has been swimming for as long as he can remember, and loves swimming in pools, lakes, the sound, and the ocean. He has swum for South Whidbey Stingrays and South Snohomish County Dolphins.

Megan Scudder


Megan is a physical therapist who has lived on South Whidbey Island since 2001 and she works as a teaching associate at the University of Washington Doctoral Physical Therapy program. She believes swimming is a life skill for all, no matter their income. We need to provide an opportunity for all islanders to move in a water environment, to instill a love of movement as we age. Working on this project, which she wholeheartedly believes in, is a way for her to give back to her wonderful community.

Marni Zimmerman


Marni moved to Whidbey Island in 2002; she was introduced to US Masters Swimming and has been hooked ever since. She’s also an avid open water swimmer, taking advantage of our incredible island coastland. As a physician, she wholeheartedly supports an affordable and accessible public aquatics facility that will improve the health and fitness of our local population.