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Facility & Location

The planned facility will include:


Chosen site is at the entrance to the Community Park, on Maxwelton Road.

Why this location?:


Our project is supported by a multitude of local organizations, businesses, politicians, and government bodies. Here are some of our supporters: 

Environmental Stewardship

In August 2023 our project was awarded a  $100,000 grant to incorporate solar with storage (battery back up) into facility design. 

This grant is sponsored by the Washington State Dept of Commerce as part of the new Solar plus Storage for Resilient Communities program. 

Under this program, the Aquatic Recreation Center will provide essential services to the community during emergencies and when the power goes out. 

The current funding is for Track 1, intended for planning and design. But this also puts our project in position to apply for Track 2 which covers the costs of purchase and installation.

Project Priority

One of the guiding principles for South Whidbey Parks & Recreation District operations is to develop, operate, and maintain the parks system in an environmentally responsible manner. The design, construction, and operation of the aquatic wellness center will be

done with clear focus on this principle of environmental stewardship.


• Site Location/Access to Transit

• Passive Solar Design

• PV Solar panels

• EV car charging

• Stormwater Management

• High Efficiency Pool Heating

• UV Sanitizers

• High Efficiency Water Filters (potential to save 300,000 gallons water annually compared to conventional sand filters)

• Low flow fixtures

• Sunscreen & high efficiency windows

• Sustainable Materials

• Acoustics & Sound Dampening

• Resilient Power System *(enables facility to function as part of Island County Emergency Management Plan)

Aquatic Programming 

Something for All Ages






2019 - 2020




For most current update and status on the facility, please visit the 




Opening Day!